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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yes Mary, He Is A Creeper

Mary visited an after hours clinic the other night and called twenty minutes latter. "I just found the greatest doctor in the world. He was so awesome! But he gave me a steroid shot in the but."
This all sounded like good stuff. My daughter found a doctor she's comfortable talking to.
But then... she texted me the next day: (I'm not even going to try an type in text talk, I can't do it).

Mary: "I need your opinion."
Me: "What ?"
Mary: "The doc from last night texted me."
Me:  "Texted you, why?"
Mary:  "He wanted to know why I'm beautiful, Middle Eastern and not married."(note: we are not Middle Eastern)
Me: "OMG, he's hitting on you! How old is this guy?"
Mary: "At least fifty! Gross!"

Mary is beautiful and she is unmarried but doctors should not hit on patients via text. They shouldnt' hit on patients at all, right? That's just creepy and not right.

And Mary, please don't ever put "fifty" and "gross" together in the same sentence again, that's not right either